Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Merry Christmas!! .. I mean, Easter?!

So, we are a little confused about the seasons here in Vancouver. Apparently, the Powers that be thought a really good April Fools joke would be to cover the whole city in snow... again. So I'm sitting in the relative warmth and safety of Regent watching the white stuff come down all around me. Still amused at the native Vancouverite inability to deal with the stuff. It looks like buses are still running, since it hasn't yet piled up on the roads, but if this keeps up, the whole city is liable to grind to a halt.

How much snow in a winter does it take for these BCers to realize that it snows in Canada and they should be prepared? Then again, why am I here if it is snowing in April? I thought moving here was supposed to avoid this kind of silliness. Apparently not.

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