Saturday, February 25, 2012

Work piles up...

So, in the last month or so I've been up to Oxford and Cambridge and will be heading out to Fareham soon too! Oh, I also moved houses, painted a room, and so on. The move has been great: it is a much easier bike into the university, and now I am not nearly so physically exhausted all the time. Also, my roommates make good food! :)
Life is settling into a rhythm, and I am enjoying myself.
I am still, of course, making all sorts of cultural mistakes, but you do learn. My biggest (common) mistake is that I still refer to my pants as, well, pants. But here, "pants" means underpants and "trousers" is used for the outer-leg-garment. So, you can imagine the awkwardness when I say something like "Let me show you the new pants I just got" or "Hang on, let me just change out of this skirt and into some pants, and I'll be right with you for the walk...". Really, I have to work on that one!
Other than that, I'm mostly just working away.