Thursday, October 25, 2007


Sometimes I feel like writing long and intricate visionary pieces here. Pieces of writing that would inspire and reform... pieces that would bring peace and love... writing that would bring comfort to those who mourn, and encourage those who rejoice... words that would cause people to think in compassionate and just ways...

I usually just surf the net until the feeling goes away.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Old Testament Midterm

Well, I think I nailed it. I don't really want this to become a forum for me to prematurely access my work, but I think it went over quite well. Which is good, because I was really nervous about it.
Was there guess work? Of course. But most of my guesses were at the 80% mark, and several have been verified in after-exam talk. Always nice.

On to more work. It's great, I came down to the library to look for some books, and the exact book I was looking for (or one of them) was just sitting here on the table with no one around. Love it when that happens!

Monday, October 22, 2007


Sorry, it's midterm time. I have that wonderful euphoric/adrenalinic rush going on... all the time... in fact I can hardly sit down to concentrate at anything. After Wednesday, I should be able to breathe again, but there are no guarantees.

The team from Vanguard is here! I saw them on Saturday night! It was lots of fun, relaxing and good. My sister wasn't there though, due to a bad ankle accident.

So, I also had a good rant session tonight. I just found out one of my major papers is supposed to have a 1500 word limit. 1500 words? That's like... an introduction!! Seriously...
Well, I hope they are prepared when I throw a 1500 word paper at them with 3000 words of footnotes... (seriously? 1500 words? at grad school?? And this is supposed to be a rigorous academic institution?!)

Off to do Greek! It's always the last part of my day. For two reasons. One, I like to procrastinate, and push it as far away as possible. Second, somehow everything makes more sense when I'm overtired and only half-conscious. Not sure why, but it does!

Monday, October 15, 2007

I am being watched....

I feel a strong sense of peace and calm as I sleep at night. It is like a benevolent force is watching over my slumber, and indeed, all of creation.

I attribute this feeling entirely to my new art. "A mountain, trees, and a midget..." ...that beautiful moment of creation as the Flying Spaghetti Monster reached out his noodly appendage in an act of self-giving charity.


In case you are wondering "What in the world is all this???!!!", check out the original source of this particular heresy at
The picture was a gift from my artistically inclined brother. (Click on it for the full-size version)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Back in Van...

So, I'm back after reading week.
I had a great time home, and if I didn't get to see you, I'm sorry. For those I got to see, it was great. It was sad to leave again, but it's good to be back here too. It's weird having two homes.
The flight in was awesome. I was on this little plane that descended quite a bit lower than the bigger ones do, so we can in skirting over the snow-capped mountains, while a beautiful sunset lit the peaks and the ocean on fire. There are those times when you are simply awestruck by the beauty that surrounds us, and this was one of those times.
Today I went to a new church, which I think I'll make my regular place. Kitsilano Community Church is this little congregation with a semi-liturgical, semi-evangelical service. It had great preaching, and lots of young families (children running around everywhere, which I always finds adds to the worship atmosphere). And they meet in this gorgeous Baptist church, which has a high vaulted ceiling and beautiful stained glass windows.
After the service, there was a meal and I got a chance to chat with the pastor, and listen to a group discussion about the church's goals in terms of outreach and community involvement. I liked what I heard.
So, I'll try it again, and possibly (hopefully) just settle right in.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


I'm coming home for Thanksgiving! Yeay team!

My parents lovingly bought me a plane ticket so that I can come spend reading week and thanksgiving with all you fine folks! So, give me a call if you are around, and we'll hang out!

I'll also try and drop by the college at some point, so those of you there can just hang, and I'll come find you.

And here I am, once again studiously avoiding my Greek homework... I'll be better than last time and actually go do it! See you later!