Monday, October 22, 2007


Sorry, it's midterm time. I have that wonderful euphoric/adrenalinic rush going on... all the time... in fact I can hardly sit down to concentrate at anything. After Wednesday, I should be able to breathe again, but there are no guarantees.

The team from Vanguard is here! I saw them on Saturday night! It was lots of fun, relaxing and good. My sister wasn't there though, due to a bad ankle accident.

So, I also had a good rant session tonight. I just found out one of my major papers is supposed to have a 1500 word limit. 1500 words? That's like... an introduction!! Seriously...
Well, I hope they are prepared when I throw a 1500 word paper at them with 3000 words of footnotes... (seriously? 1500 words? at grad school?? And this is supposed to be a rigorous academic institution?!)

Off to do Greek! It's always the last part of my day. For two reasons. One, I like to procrastinate, and push it as far away as possible. Second, somehow everything makes more sense when I'm overtired and only half-conscious. Not sure why, but it does!

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Peter Malik said...

Interesting... well, I hope everything goes smoothly for ya. Apropos, 1500 is not too little, we write too much, that's the problem. Want to write a lot? Write a book! :))