Monday, October 15, 2007

I am being watched....

I feel a strong sense of peace and calm as I sleep at night. It is like a benevolent force is watching over my slumber, and indeed, all of creation.

I attribute this feeling entirely to my new art. "A mountain, trees, and a midget..." ...that beautiful moment of creation as the Flying Spaghetti Monster reached out his noodly appendage in an act of self-giving charity.


In case you are wondering "What in the world is all this???!!!", check out the original source of this particular heresy at
The picture was a gift from my artistically inclined brother. (Click on it for the full-size version)

1 comment:

Peter Malik said...

I used to think that the heresy club would not extend as far as to Demi-Urgos like figure of this nature. WOW.