Saturday, September 29, 2007


You know what I love to do? I love to schmooze. Give me a big room full of people, give me a t-shirt to indicate that I have some reason to actually talk to all these people, and let me go!!
Regent had the library opening/open house this morning. I volunteered. And got put on child care. But then, they had enough people, and one of the greeters was sick, so I took over!
There was just this amazing abundance of incredibly interesting people. They flew board members in from all over North America, and donors came from all over as well. It was wild.
I was really in schmoozing heaven. And then I got put at the back doors, where almost nobody was coming in or going out, so things calmed down a lot. But then, I just happened to see Eugene Peterson walking by, trying to avoid the crowd. So, I shamelessly walked over and bombarded him briefly (well... he didn't have a program and it looked to me like he really needed one...). And then he was off, and I was back to welcoming other random people walking by.
Yup, good morning.
Oh, and it's raining. Those who live here say it probably won't stop until March. Not sure how I feel about it. I'm hoping they are exaggerating. On the other hand, everyone is calling it "cold outside", and if this is the extent of the cold, I'll be just fine, rain or no.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Retreat is finished...

So, retreat is over. It was great. Of course, the first night I was sooo excited to be there, and be meeting new people and connecting, I didn't really sleep. Mostly sat awake with butterflies in my stomach. It was that same feeling when you were a little kid waiting for Christmas morning, I couldn't wait for the next day to come so I could keep on interacting!!
Yeah... I know how geeky that is. Shut up. Anyhoo, I'm waiting for the pictures my friend took of some of the events, since they are better and more candid than my own. Some highlights were:
Community meals - good food and fun conversation!
A football game with 7 guys and me - The opposing team didn't even cover me until they found out I could catch, for which they paid dearly! Darrell Johnson was our star QB.
Talent Show - lead by none other than the Ozzie's Narida and Narida (NEH-rid-da). The refrain of "Ozzy Ozzy Ozzy, OI! OI! OI!" still reverberates in my mind.
Service and Communion on Sunday - a slow, relaxed communion served by a mixture of students and staff, where each student received personal prayer with communion, while a violin and piano duet played in the back, later accompanied by a choir.

Tonight, I watched Babette's Feast as part of my Christian Thought and Culture course. It totally sucker-punched me. You are captured by this beautiful view of humanity, the high potential for truth and beauty, for mercy and love. You are so enraptured by this sacrificial wholesomeness that you are lost in wonder. You want to love. You want to hug someone. Then the lights turn on, and you realize that you are far from family and friends, and all that awaits you is a long bus ride home in the dark. And all that is waiting at home is a sleeping roommate and Greek nouns that need parsing. So much for inspiration! Shiloh and I exchanged these thoughts on the bus until I got off, after my 3 minute bus ride. And now instead of doing my Greek homework (it is sitting beside me) I am writing to you fine folks, and contemplating making tea to further procrastinate. Sigh. Life goes on.

(Speaking of which... I just went back to add more to the retreat section... all the highlights... and now I am here, writing this... seriously I need to do my Greek... it's a privilege... yes a privilege... one that I desperately wanted for many years.... go do your Greek Beth.....)

Thursday, September 20, 2007


It has been some time, faithful reader, since I last posted. I have been busy. Indeed, the honeymoon stage of awe and beauty is over. The reality of loads of work and hours of library time is starting to come into focus.

Thus, it is indeed high time to spurn responsibility and diligence and instead to head out to the Regent Community Retreat! We are going down to Warm Beach Conference Centre, outside of Seattle. I am told it is neither warm, nor a beach, but that it is a conference centre. I am excited for a less formal interaction with my fellow students, the professors, their spouses, and so on and so forth. It will also be nice to escape the spiders.

Oh, did I tell you my apartment is infested with spiders. Yeah, my only phobia. Thanks Jesus. There are literally hundreds of spiders, everywhere. I've stopped looking up. I've stopped looking down. In fact, I try not to look anywhere at all. There come in all shapes and sizes. The tiny "dot" ones, I'm OK with. The little grey ones that blend right into the carpet I've similarly come to peace with. The middle sized ones that live in the bathroom I ignore. But the huge (5 inches across) leggy, icky ones still invoke terror in my heart, and my roommate lovingly catches them in plastic containers and escorts them outside (ecologist that she is). Yes, I'm looking forward to retreat. Tell you more when I get back!

Saturday, September 15, 2007


Somehow, no matter where I go, I end up at camps. Vancouver is no exception.

Through my roommate, I've gotten involved with the UBC ropes course. Not only is it a gorgeous facility, built right into 400 year old hemlocks, it also pays relatively well.

Anyhoo, the camp coordinator was going out to do some training and wanted to see my ropes course abilities, and wanted me to come along to see me in action. So it was that I got up at 5:30 to take the bus all the way to the opposite side of Vancouver to meet her to take a boat to a water-access-only camp near "Deep Cove".

I got there about 10 minutes before pick up, and as I was waiting at the dock, this HUGE jellyfish went bobbing by. And then his friend. And then a little baby one. I felt like I'd just stepped into "Finding Nemo". It was crazy! So, we had a boat ride out to this gorgeous camp, and then ran around all day, rescuing imaginary kids and playing on the course. And these kids kept pointing out how much I (supposedly) sound like Ellen Degeneres. OK. The Finding Nemo thing came back into play.

It was a great day, with an equally exciting boat ride home, and then the long bus ride.

Today, I went to Regent and ended up participating in the luncheon for those from South-East Asia (and by "participate", I mean "mooched food from with a couple of Mandarin phrases"). It was great. Then I came home and Sarah and I and some friends watched "Jesus Camp". Now I feel like poking my own eye out, because I know that I have promoted that same insanity. God have mercy on us all, we misrepresent him so often.

I still don't think the war analogy is appropriate for Christians, but I'll save that for another time. Now it is time for bed. Good night!

Thursday, September 13, 2007


While trying not to sound too propagandizing (is that a word?), we found out today that one of the courses I am taking just won an award from Yale for integration of thought, faith and culture. The course is called "Christian Thought and Culture", and looks at how our theology and thinking has been shaped since the time of the early church. Anyhoo, the link to the Yale award page is here, where you can also click on Ian's name and see the course syllabus.

Ummm... so, as promised, a couple of pictures!
To the right you can see the first chapel of 2007! This, of course, was about 10 minutes before chapel started. It turns out, if you are not there early, you won't get a seat at all. In fact, behind me is a glass wall looking onto the atrium, and it has chairs and a live-feed TV for overflow people. It was full.

All in all, it was an incredible experience, and I enjoyed it.

The next picture is from the community lunch after chapel. Much like Vanguard, we have chapels on Tuesday, and a lunch, which is after. The preparation of lunch rotates through the community groups, but since they haven't been created yet, and I was in early that day, I got pulled into the prep of about 350 sandwiches. As you can see, everyone just sorta sits out on the lawn. And yes, that is blue sky. In fact, that has been the sky for the last week and a bit. Brilliant blue, no clouds and bright sunshine all day. I'm told to enjoy it while it lasts.

Anyways, I plan to add to these pictures some pictures of where I live, my roommate, etc. The other one I've been tempted to take is one of JI. Packer's office, mostly just to prove to myself that I really have been there. Of course, I REALLY don't want anyone to see me taking the picture, so I'll have to wait and be sneaky.

Other than that, I've been enjoying the incredible lectures, the long hours reading, and the relaxed early-September atmosphere. I am also happy because I demolished my first Greek quiz. Yay!

Monday, September 10, 2007

After my own heart...

My heart was just made exceedingly joyful. I was waiting for my coffee to be made at The Well (the coffee shop at Regent) and I started looking around me. Imagine my unbridled joy as I found that the second most important bookcase (after the textbook case) was called "The Inklings". It is none other than the writings of all of those from those most famous of all literary clubs.

The Inklings, if you're not sure, was a group of people who came together to discuss literature, and specifically Christian literature. They met in a pub called "The Eagle and Child" (though they called it "the bird and the baby"), and the group included C.S. Lewis (my personal hero), J.R.R. Tolkien, Charles Williams and several others.

To have a bookcase called "The Inklings" is pretty much my dream. They did add a couple of authors in who were technically not Inklings (like George MacDonald, who was C.S. Lewis' personal hero), but were closely linked in other ways.

I like it here. I think I am going to like it here. I'm going to go read now... and sip on my mocha. Actually, the book I am reading is by one of the Inklings... Charles Williams. "Descent of the Dove". If you can, give it a read, it is fabulous.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Church! And Ultimate!

So, this was my first full Sunday in Vancouver. Luckily, I met a guy at Regent over the week who offered me a ride to his church (Grace International Baptist Church). It was a lot of fun, with a strong Filipino congregation and a good German preacher, it was an interesting visit. I'm not sure if I should keep looking around, or settle in. I really liked it, the only problem is that it is pretty far away from where I live, so I'd be dependent on rides. I dunno, but I'll keep you updated!

Then, I got home and my roomie Sarah had invited me to play a game of ultimate just across the street at the park. So, I changed and went. Turned out, it wasn't just a church game, it was a full-on league. Needless to say, I can't throw a frisbee at the best of times, let alone when there are people blocking you and yelling the 10-second count in your ear. And you actually are supposed to hit a moving target.
So, the first game we lost pretty bad. I definitely helped in that outcome, because although I made a couple of catches, my throws were pretty wild. Eventually, we lost and got ready for our second game. I had a chance to practice throwing a bit, and was able to actually contribute a little to the next game. Lots of fun!

In other news, my first class will be on Tuesday. Should be crazy. GREEK!! AHHH!! Sorry, freak out. I'm ok with my other classes since I've already done equivalent classes at Vanguard. I could actually be exempt from taking them, but I'm thinking that Regent will have a different perspective, which will be helpful, and I'd also rather not bite off more than I can chew in my first semester. Review is good...

Keep sending me e-mails and comments! I always read them and cherish them!

Saturday, September 8, 2007


So, surprisingly enough, it has been wonderfully sunny the last couple days. The first two days I was here it rained "without ceasing" but ever since, it has felt like a rather humid Edmonton summer day.

I went for a run this morning, through the old growth forest that surrounds where I live, and then down to Regent and back. I promise, I will get photos up soon, but my camera did only arrive yesterday.

If any of you followed my blog in Thailand (, you probably heard about all the issues my bike had there. Well, it seems that biking and traveling just do not want to work together for me. I even brought my own bike this time, but it came missing a pedal and my helmet. Oh well, my sword got here fine, and that is the important part!

My first class starts on Tuesday morning. Ahhh!

I miss you all! Remember to leave comments (you lurkers!!!).

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


You won't believe it! I got a scholarship!! REALLY!!!!

The Winifried Renie Scholarship is for a female doing their masters and going into ministry. Of course, I'm not going into ministry, so I sent a letter along justifying teaching as a real ministry, and the first recipient either did not show up or otherwise didn't get it, so they are giving it to me! It is $5,000!!!

Steve, the fortune cookie was right! I can't believe it!

I just created this blog about 2 hours ago and did the first post, and then went back to the college and found this out! Thank you to all of you out there who have been praying! It is so much appreciated! I still can't believe it! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Praise Jesus!

I'm here!!!

Hey Folks!
I've arrived! I'm now fully settled... sort of. Orientation has been long and sometimes informative. On the plus side, there has been free coffee and food.

My first couple of days here have been quite the whirlwind... my friend/sister Melba works at the PNE fair (the Vancouver equivalent of K-days) and my first full day she took me there, and we ran around. She got me a backstage pass, and I ended up in a parade... which was then canceled due to to rain... but I got to help out with the "rolling thunder" show instead.

Regent has been good so far. Not a whole lot happening yet. I met some great people, and hope to meet some more profs soon, not that I'm stalking them or anything.

It's been beautiful weather. Warm and sunny, not a cloud in the sky. I don't really believe I'm in Vancouver. My roommate is awesome. Her name is Sarah, and we share a small basement apartment thing, with a very nice family above us.

I haven't gotten any new books yet, much to my surprise and the surprise of those who know me, but I have already started my first assignment for my OT class: read the entire OT.

The other thing I can't get over is this: we have people from every continent, and way more international students than there are Canadians. There are Chinese, Kiwi's, Ozzys, French, Swiss, English, Scottish, Welsh, American and German students... and not one Newfie. I'm not sure what to do.

Well, I'll keep you all informed on what is coming up, when I'm stressed, and any other tidbits of news! I'll also get some pictures up soon, once I settle in a little more.