Saturday, September 29, 2007


You know what I love to do? I love to schmooze. Give me a big room full of people, give me a t-shirt to indicate that I have some reason to actually talk to all these people, and let me go!!
Regent had the library opening/open house this morning. I volunteered. And got put on child care. But then, they had enough people, and one of the greeters was sick, so I took over!
There was just this amazing abundance of incredibly interesting people. They flew board members in from all over North America, and donors came from all over as well. It was wild.
I was really in schmoozing heaven. And then I got put at the back doors, where almost nobody was coming in or going out, so things calmed down a lot. But then, I just happened to see Eugene Peterson walking by, trying to avoid the crowd. So, I shamelessly walked over and bombarded him briefly (well... he didn't have a program and it looked to me like he really needed one...). And then he was off, and I was back to welcoming other random people walking by.
Yup, good morning.
Oh, and it's raining. Those who live here say it probably won't stop until March. Not sure how I feel about it. I'm hoping they are exaggerating. On the other hand, everyone is calling it "cold outside", and if this is the extent of the cold, I'll be just fine, rain or no.


Anonymous said...

WOW!!!! Sounds like your having a good time...dont worry about the spiders..just name them :) EUGENE??? HOLA! You are one of the best shmoozers I know :P Well know that I love you and am thinking of you!! Blog is great!


Roger said...

So you are getting autographs for all your nearest and dearest friends right?

Anonymous said...

Your blog is great!
I stop by every now and then
thanks for the up dates


Bethany said...

No Roger, no autographs, I do after all have some semblance of dignity, though I have no shame. Thanks J-Lee, glad you enjoy it. :)