Saturday, September 15, 2007


Somehow, no matter where I go, I end up at camps. Vancouver is no exception.

Through my roommate, I've gotten involved with the UBC ropes course. Not only is it a gorgeous facility, built right into 400 year old hemlocks, it also pays relatively well.

Anyhoo, the camp coordinator was going out to do some training and wanted to see my ropes course abilities, and wanted me to come along to see me in action. So it was that I got up at 5:30 to take the bus all the way to the opposite side of Vancouver to meet her to take a boat to a water-access-only camp near "Deep Cove".

I got there about 10 minutes before pick up, and as I was waiting at the dock, this HUGE jellyfish went bobbing by. And then his friend. And then a little baby one. I felt like I'd just stepped into "Finding Nemo". It was crazy! So, we had a boat ride out to this gorgeous camp, and then ran around all day, rescuing imaginary kids and playing on the course. And these kids kept pointing out how much I (supposedly) sound like Ellen Degeneres. OK. The Finding Nemo thing came back into play.

It was a great day, with an equally exciting boat ride home, and then the long bus ride.

Today, I went to Regent and ended up participating in the luncheon for those from South-East Asia (and by "participate", I mean "mooched food from with a couple of Mandarin phrases"). It was great. Then I came home and Sarah and I and some friends watched "Jesus Camp". Now I feel like poking my own eye out, because I know that I have promoted that same insanity. God have mercy on us all, we misrepresent him so often.

I still don't think the war analogy is appropriate for Christians, but I'll save that for another time. Now it is time for bed. Good night!

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stonejewel said...

Re: Jesus Camp - shudder. That movie was sooooo disturbing.

I'm glad you're doing well, friend... as I knew you would.