Thursday, September 13, 2007


While trying not to sound too propagandizing (is that a word?), we found out today that one of the courses I am taking just won an award from Yale for integration of thought, faith and culture. The course is called "Christian Thought and Culture", and looks at how our theology and thinking has been shaped since the time of the early church. Anyhoo, the link to the Yale award page is here, where you can also click on Ian's name and see the course syllabus.

Ummm... so, as promised, a couple of pictures!
To the right you can see the first chapel of 2007! This, of course, was about 10 minutes before chapel started. It turns out, if you are not there early, you won't get a seat at all. In fact, behind me is a glass wall looking onto the atrium, and it has chairs and a live-feed TV for overflow people. It was full.

All in all, it was an incredible experience, and I enjoyed it.

The next picture is from the community lunch after chapel. Much like Vanguard, we have chapels on Tuesday, and a lunch, which is after. The preparation of lunch rotates through the community groups, but since they haven't been created yet, and I was in early that day, I got pulled into the prep of about 350 sandwiches. As you can see, everyone just sorta sits out on the lawn. And yes, that is blue sky. In fact, that has been the sky for the last week and a bit. Brilliant blue, no clouds and bright sunshine all day. I'm told to enjoy it while it lasts.

Anyways, I plan to add to these pictures some pictures of where I live, my roommate, etc. The other one I've been tempted to take is one of JI. Packer's office, mostly just to prove to myself that I really have been there. Of course, I REALLY don't want anyone to see me taking the picture, so I'll have to wait and be sneaky.

Other than that, I've been enjoying the incredible lectures, the long hours reading, and the relaxed early-September atmosphere. I am also happy because I demolished my first Greek quiz. Yay!

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