Saturday, January 15, 2011

The best conversation ever...

Person #1: Do you know what is absolutely amazing?
Me: No. What?
Person #1: Cell phones! It is amazing that I can pick up the phone and call my sister across the world in like 3 seconds! Amazing! In fact, it is the power of God! And do you know, people don't understand that! The power of God! There is no way human technology could do something that fast!
Me: Yeah, it is pretty cool. Although, I believe the radio waves and electricity move at the speed of light, so there really is more than enough time for the signal to go around the world...
Person #1: No way! It is the power of God! No humans could do that!!
Me: Well, I suppose I would say that God has put regularities in the world that could account for cell phones... That is the power of God...
Person #1: No way! No way human technology can account for that! Do you know what else?
Me: No...
Person #1: Airplanes! People say airplanes fly by... metaphysics... and stuff... but it is the power of God! And people just don't understand that! Nobody could make one fly by itself.

At this point I'm standing in absolute awe of this person... unsure if I can hold back the laughter that is slowly killing me inside.

Me: So, what about birds? Birds fly naturally.
Person #1: Birds! Birds are light! Airplanes weigh thousands of pounds! There is just no way... and people don't understand this!
Me: Umm... OK.
Person #1: Have you met "Person #2"?
Me: No. Hi, Person #2! How are you?
Person #2: Good, I guess.
Person #1: Now, Person #2 needs a wife! (to me:) Are you married?
Me: Umm, nope.
Person #1: Ah, well if it is the Lord's will for you to be single you better get used to it, OK? No point fighting with God.
Me: Ummm... OK.

Person #1: Do you know your strength is?
Me: Nope.
Person #1: You really love the Lord. That should be a strength of every Christian, but it really is for you. I know that you are unsure about this whole PhD thing, but you are not supposed to worry about it. God will take care of it, and of you.
Me: Umm... OK.
Person #1: Bye!