Saturday, February 23, 2008

Di's visit

My long-time friend Diana came to visit this last weekend. It was great to see her. She came to check out Regent, but is still working through the process of discernment as to whether to come or not. Either way, she was exposed to some of the best that the community here offers (although she missed out on Saturday morning breakfast at the local community house, but I did tell her about it!).

I also had a delightful time embarrassing her by introducing her as my "youth leader". That was a long time ago, and we've come a long way since, but it's still true.

We also ate very well. I don't think I'll need to eat for a week or so. Beautiful.

It's been a great week. Meeting with long time friends, beautiful weather, and some very interesting reading. I should also mention (for those of you in Edmonton especially) that I think spring has arrived. Flowers are blooming, there is that sweet smell in the air, life is bursting forth everywhere...

And no. Still no man. Quit asking.


Thursday, February 21, 2008


I sometimes find that the peace here is overwhelming.

Today the sun was out, the snow-capped peaks were glistening. The air was fresh and warm. Flowers are peaking out all around the city, bringing fragrance and beauty. There is a wonderful vitality.

I spent the morning reading in the sunshine. It was glorious. Then, I had a great conversation with my Greek tutor, about life and living. The bell was then rung, calling us to mid-day prayer. Right after prayer, I had lunch in the atrium. Since it is "Offering of the Arts" week, there was live music, and a relaxed and happy atmosphere. And another life-giving conversation. It was brilliant. Two hours of class, some study, more good conversation and supper finds me here. In the library working on my exegesis paper. Beautiful.

I also watched the movie "Wit" last night. If you've never seen it, you need to. It was made for TV, and so didn't get a lot of press, but I think it is the most beautiful movie I've ever seen. We watched as part of our curriculum, but I think I'm going to get a copy. Emma Thompson has an awe-inspiring performance. And it just happened to intersect with a lot of questions I've been having about academy, scholarship, and being human. I highly recommend this film.
Warning: Bring kleenex. Lots of it. I'm not one to cry during movies, and despite my best efforts I bawled like a baby. Even after it was finished. If you thought "Million Dollar Baby" was sad, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Unbelievable Part II

It's a cold, wet day. It hasn't stopped pouring since I got up. My roommate is sick, and fled to her parents house as soon as I got up and started cooking breakfast (I didn't know she was sick at that point). So there I was, all alone for the day.

I ended up going for a walk, as is my habit, through the nearby forest. But because it is miserable, the paths were deserted also.

On my way home, I decided to stop by Safeway to grab a couple of things that we are running low on here. While I was walking there, I was complaining to Jesus (as one does...) about how alone I was feeling, and how I'd really like to see a friendly face. I had in mind a couple of people who live in the neighbourhood, and whom I've run into at Safeway before. I figured, a couple of minutes with one of these people, and I'd be good.

I got to the store, and kept my eyes open. But none of the familiar figures were there. "Figures..." I muttered to myself, and started looking in earnest for the things I needed. I was just heading to the bakery with half-formed ideas about buying lots of chocolate donuts when I passed the pharmacy. And who should be there but Kit, a long time friend, and my very first Kung Fu instructor. He was as surprised to see me as I him. We ended up talking for a couple minutes. He's just moved to the city from Hong Kong. Anyways, we made plans for a board game night, and he went back to work. It was so nice to see him.

It's funny. I wanted a quick meeting with a friendly face, and instead I got reconnected with an old friend who I had no idea lived anywhere near here. I am much more satisfied than if I had gotten what I'd asked for. Unbelievable.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Some of the opportunities life brings you to is amazing.

A friend of mine is from South Africa. His brother came up to visit. They came over to our house for tea and scones (cooked by my amazing roommate) and today we went to church and then out for lunch. Rory and I had had several verbal battles by then, and (as is typical with me), I'd let out a couple of "I could take you!" remarks. That's when I found out that he had been Nelson Mandela's chief bodyguard. Head of his security throughout his presidency. Amazing. He told a couple of crazy stories. Of course, I couldn't back down then, but I think we both had a good laugh after that. Who knew?

Other than that, it's been an amazing week. And (even better) it is reading week this next week, so I'll catch up on all that sleep I've been missing. Slow down, relax, and get some good solid work done. The week before last was a bit of a nightmare, so this is really nice. Peace is such a valuable thing.

Also, Rory wrote a book about his time with Mandela, you can take a look at it here:

Friday, February 1, 2008

You know you're at Regent when...

You know you're at Regent when...

- the top question on your mind for the last week has been "what does it mean to be truly human?"

- you start feeling apologetic anytime you throw something out, and you start refusing bags when you buy things because of environmental concerns.

- you start wondering about the ontological reality of the image of God and the possible false dichotomy between natural and supernatural.

- you start saying "It seems to me..." whenever you're trying to make an astute theological point.

- you don't really notice regional accents any more.

- you've given up trying to imitate all the different regional accents.