Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I'm here!!!

Hey Folks!
I've arrived! I'm now fully settled... sort of. Orientation has been long and sometimes informative. On the plus side, there has been free coffee and food.

My first couple of days here have been quite the whirlwind... my friend/sister Melba works at the PNE fair (the Vancouver equivalent of K-days) and my first full day she took me there, and we ran around. She got me a backstage pass, and I ended up in a parade... which was then canceled due to to rain... but I got to help out with the "rolling thunder" show instead.

Regent has been good so far. Not a whole lot happening yet. I met some great people, and hope to meet some more profs soon, not that I'm stalking them or anything.

It's been beautiful weather. Warm and sunny, not a cloud in the sky. I don't really believe I'm in Vancouver. My roommate is awesome. Her name is Sarah, and we share a small basement apartment thing, with a very nice family above us.

I haven't gotten any new books yet, much to my surprise and the surprise of those who know me, but I have already started my first assignment for my OT class: read the entire OT.

The other thing I can't get over is this: we have people from every continent, and way more international students than there are Canadians. There are Chinese, Kiwi's, Ozzys, French, Swiss, English, Scottish, Welsh, American and German students... and not one Newfie. I'm not sure what to do.

Well, I'll keep you all informed on what is coming up, when I'm stressed, and any other tidbits of news! I'll also get some pictures up soon, once I settle in a little more.


Jana said...

I was happy to hear that u made it to Vancouver safe and sound. Sounds like u're having a good time but u haven't said anything about any potential prospects of boy toys!?

Josh said...

no Newfies??? Booo! Newfies rule! :)
Glad everything is working out for you! :)

Be Blessed!