Wednesday, October 3, 2007


I'm coming home for Thanksgiving! Yeay team!

My parents lovingly bought me a plane ticket so that I can come spend reading week and thanksgiving with all you fine folks! So, give me a call if you are around, and we'll hang out!

I'll also try and drop by the college at some point, so those of you there can just hang, and I'll come find you.

And here I am, once again studiously avoiding my Greek homework... I'll be better than last time and actually go do it! See you later!

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Roger said...

Too bad I am away. IBOLT graciously bought me a plane ticket to NFLD for YC and I have been busy schmoozing with students, present and future as well as doing some sight seeing. I was at Cape Spear (not to be confused with the movie) which is the Easternmost point in North America. I am off to Halifax for a week with my grandparents, so there will be no catching up this time...

Oh ya, I tried the cod tongues. taste like chicken...