Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Well, the first of my "waiting list" is answered. I was turned down for the history TA position. I feel bad, and sad, and I'm not quite finished pouting yet, but the process of applying for this has gotten me into some really interesting material that I wouldn't have otherwise read:
-Works on Historiography (Bebbington, etc.)
-The Communist Manifesto
I'm also finding that it is hard to be disappointed with people rather than God. God has a ready ear and you can say all that you want to to him. That is not always the case with people.

In some ways, the church calendar this year is perfect. All this waiting, and then, great disappointment (and more to come, I'm sure! I still have many more on my list.)
I don't quite have the faith yet to look for the resurrection... I'm not quite ready. Perhaps I'll go fishing. But I'll keep an eye on the shore.

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Peter Malik said...

I'm sorry about it, as I've told you already. There are good things ahead of you, however.