Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sex Lectures

My 95 year-old landlady came to the Regent "sex lecture".

Recipe for disaster? Nope. She did brilliantly, and was even used as a object lesson on how just how recent many of the changes in modern views on sexuality are--the ones talked about in the lecture have all happened within her life time. (She met Sarah just before the lecture started)

It was also interesting to hear her perspectives on things as we sat for coffee in the atrium afterwards. She's seen these changes from the inside, and has both an important affirmation of some of the changes that have occurred, and a wise critique.

I wasn't sure how she would respond to the lecture, but she responded with her typical thoughtfulness, graciousness, humour, and deep interaction. If I could grow old with half her grace, I would count myself lucky.

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