Thursday, March 19, 2009

I should be working

I'm sitting in the Regent library, completely unable to concentrate.


Typically when I want to get down to work, I can. But my thoughts today are flying out of control. I'm in an awkward phase of waiting... waiting on things that I can not control in the least - my applications (both for TA positions and for PhD admittance) and for my supervisor to look over my new thesis proposal (my original one was rejected by the thesis proposal committee last week). I've rewritten it, and sent it to my supervisor, but because it is reading week, I haven't heard anything back.

I don't like waiting. I like working. Give me something that I can get down to - that I can change and work on. But being left in suspense with literally weeks ahead promising little change and no answers is hard. I've been told that Graduate school is often an endurance race. Due to the heavy work load, I hardly ever feel like that is the case - more like a sprint for the finish. Today, however, things are moving as slow as molasses, and the one thing that I can work on is entirely unappealing. Regardless, I must buckle down and plod on, setting everything else aside to finish a paper I'm only tangentially interested in. If I can only get this one done...

... I can get started on the next one!

Where does it end?

May your road, dear reader,
be clear and enticing,
both calling and inviting you forward,
into the newness that is now.

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