Thursday, July 17, 2008

I've arrived... and such....

Well, I must say it has been a busy day.  I arrived at Heathrow around 9ish, got out by 10:30ish and was ready to explore by 11ish.  Of course, I no sooner set out for the train station than I got entirely lost.  Yup.  Had to ask some maintenance guy.  Despite my map.  Turns out the "street" I was supposed to turn off on was really more of a goat track hidden by bushes.  No, really.

Anyways, got to London, Trafalgar square, and the British museum.  They are... stunning.  Especially that last one.  I actually petered out before I even got through every room.  Of course, trying to deal with jet lag, while piling lots of facts and random things into your head is not so easy.  But here is what I remember seeing:  the great sphinx's beard, Ceasar's ring seal, a Babylonian map of the world, the Rosetta stone, mummies, coins, half the parthenon, swords, and so on.  And no sooner did I get out of the museum than another vision of greatness presented itself to me: Spamalot!  Yes, the Monty Python musical is playing here, and I already bought my Edmonton ticket.  Am I bitter? Don't ask.

Then came the Globe Theatre, Fleet street (which does have a barber shop, but underneath is a noodle shop, not a pie shop.  Asian fusion food is all the rage these days...), St. Paul's Cathedral, the old Bailey, Millenium bridge, the Golden Hind, Rev. St. James beer, the Underground, and many other adventures.

Oh, I should also mention that I'm saying in the "town" of Staines.  Yup, the same place Ali G calls home.  Word.

I also got lost down a random street and found a wall hanging that said "Mr. John and Mr. Charles Wesley preached here frequently."  Cool.

Well, more has happened, but I can't tell you all.  Also, if you are wondering why there are no pictures it is because my totally unreliable camera has proved itself one more to be... unreliable.  So, later I'll add some generic web photos of these places and some of you innovative people out there can photoshop me in!

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