Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hello Again!

Well, time is just flying here, and I hardly have the opportunity for these short updates!

Today we heard from Katherine Blundell, and Paul Shellard. Paul was talking about speculative physics models (multiverses, cosmic inflation, and the like) and unfortunately I didn't really understand a word of it, though it all sounded quite impressive. On the other hand was Katherine, who spoke entirely intelligibly, and wonderfully, and even introduced a hermeneutic for interpreting the Bible which was incredibly close to Denis', though it held itself back to mathmatic and cosmological concordism. (If that last sentence makes no sense, don't worry. I only included it for about 2 people who I know are reading this...)

Life here is delightful. It has been really nice weather - no rain, and a mix of sun and fluffy clouds. The grounds are amazing, and I have a friend (Rowan Dorin) studying over at Trinity College, who walked me all around and inside the grounds of Trinity and Kings.

I can't get over how small Cambridge is. It takes about 1/2 hour to walk across the entire place. It is, as a result, rather dense with very narrow streets and lots of grand buildings.

I haven't been punting on the river yet (little boats you take out, and push along with a long pole... think Venetian gondolas, but flat-ended), but I have been to several pubs. I've also been shamelessly asking everyone about Ph.D. supervision, but don't have any good news yet. We'll see. If nothing else, I'm making lots of great connections - getting lots of face time.

This afternoon we have John Polkinghorne and Dean Zimmerman. I can hardly think of a stranger combination for one evening, but there you go!

Sorry if this whole post is a little fragmented... I've been running primarily on caffeine and adrenaline, with far too many incredibly interesting conversations, so I'm starting to fray a little around the edges, despite the fact that we are not yet half finished!

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