Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Waiting Under Bridges and other fun adventures.

Happy Easter!

Sorry I haven't posted recently. Work and life events, as well as a hesitancy to post what is not really processed have held back my hand.

Reading week last week was great. Not only was it Mel's birthday, but it was also my roommate's, and my friend Brad's. So three b-days, and three parties. By far, Mel's was the craziest, at a house in north van with a fitness pole playing a prominent part in the gatherings. (There is a video on Facebook for those of you who like that sort of thing). People running around in circles and so on.

The year is wrapping up quickly, and I'm still a little overwhelmed by the prospect of the year being almost done. I still feel like a newbie, and yet I'm applying for TA positions for next year! Ahh!

As for "waiting under bridges", we had a really interesting Easter Vigil at my church. We went under the Burrard Street bridge, and built a little fire in a pit, and sat in a circle with candles while we sang songs. It was a reflective service, one that understood the agony of Friday and waiting for the resurrection of Sunday when it has not yet come. But I thought it was so comforting to wait together. We forget that sometimes. Anyways, the bridge was neat. One of my pastors goes there regularly, and hangs out with the people who live there. She's also built a prayer labyrinth out of rocks and pebbles that she found around. I wonder how many of these spaces we completely overlook in our day to day wanderings.

It's like walking in the forest, which I posted about before. I sometimes go long periods without going in, and silently, it waits. But when I do go in, there is such peace that I wonder why I don't go more often.

Well, all that to say, I'm doing well, and thinking lots! I'll see all you peoples soon, as I'm planning to be back in E-town by May.

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