Thursday, January 17, 2008

Kind Actions

You know, it doesn't take much to help the world feel a little safer.

For example tonight, I got on the bus and a rather mentally disturbed young man started aggressively talking to me while I read my book. The bus driver noticed and pulled over, and went to quite some lengths to get the young man off the bus.
It was just a little thing, but it helped me feel better about taking the bus, and about the Vancouver transit system. It wasn't a big problem, I was on the bus. But it made me feel better about the situation nonetheless.

Thanks Mr. Bus Driver.

There was something else I was planning to tell all you people out in blog land. I was thinking in the afternoon "I gotta blog this", but now I've forgotten the content entirely, and only remember my reminder. How silly is that? Oh well.
More anecdotes to come, hopefully some silly ones (as I know the one I forgot was!)

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