Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Back in Vancouver...

Well, I'm back. The new semester is starting and I have a rather strange mix of reactions to it. Partially, I'm excited. Partially, I'm scared. Either way, it is nice to have a regular routine again.

Regent is really good for me. Those of you who know me, will chuckle at this next story.

I got the crap beat out of me this morning in the kindest and most compassionate way. I had gone to talk to one of my professors about one of my papers, because she welcomes the conversation that they begin. It was not about marks, but it was an exploration of why a certain mark was given. This is the first time I've ever walked into an office thinking I'd gotten a relatively low mark, and walked out thinking it was extraordinarily generous. Within the first three minutes I had my tail between my legs and was inwardly groaning in agony at the glaring anachronisms and blatant presuppositions. And what nearly made it worse was that the prof was so nice about it! Saying things like "I was rooting for you" and "all the components of a good paper were there, you simply failed to see your presuppositions" (like the fact that the entire argument was anachronistic!"), or even "you know, I think you just need more practice at this particular kind of paper". All true. All painfully, ego-bustingly true. Yup, I've been humbled quite strongly, especially because I agreed with every thing that was pointed out, and realize just how much grace was extended.

In other news, family dinner at the Phillips' is only once a month now, which means I'll have remarkably less good nutrition, but also far less calories in my diet. That is, after all, my unabashed gluttony fest of the week.

My courses are looking good and challenging, but I'll write about them another time. It's now time for bed.

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