Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Dream Fulfilled

We've been refurnishing the lounge of late. It was in quite a disastrous state, and upon pointing this out to our landlord, he magnanimously sprung the money for an entire new paint job and fixing several other aesthetic issues with the room.

So, with fresh paint, things were looking pretty good. But the walls were looking lonely and forlorn. So I started out on a quest. Just yesterday I was telling a friend "Ideally, I want a tall ship under full sail, dashing it's way through green waves." It was my dream...

Only to walk into the first charity shop I tried to see a beautiful, proud ship marching across green seas under full sail! It was the right size, for a bargain price! And I love it!!! It's almost like it found me. Like it wanted to be brought home and exalted into the place of honour in our home. (My roommates may never forgive me for unilaterally eternally installing this in our living room, but that is for another time.) Now I need a name. That it ought to be an "HMS" ship goes without saying. But what should be the second part? HMS Dauntless? HMS Pride? HMS Whimsy? (That last in honour of The Bloggess who brings whimsy to most of what she encounters) Yes. I think the HMS Whimsy it will be. Also because then people might think of Lord Peter Whimsey, who is the creation of Dorothy Sayers, who was basically an Inkling. So that's awesome too.

It has been raining like crazy off and on today, and since I had my bike downtown, I had to walk it home with the picture precariously balanced on the handlebars, and I managed to make it all the way without getting rained on at all.

The universe got angry at my luck (not only of finding the picture, but getting home without getting wet) and it sent a hail storm in reply. But I'm safe at home now! (At least, until I head out for evensong in a little bit!)

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